Saturday, 27 October 2018

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Hi youtuber My Name is Nadeem Khan and my youtube channel name super songs
and i uploaded hindi video song 2018 and please my new video subscribe and like please
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Sona Sone Patole Lakkha
Sona Sone Patole Lakkha
Aye Takdiyaan Rehndiyaan Ankhaan
Aye Takdiyaan Rehndiyaan Ankhaan
Main Ki Dassaan Apni Ve

Aye Chan Karda Hai Tareefa
Ho Mere Husn De Kone
Kone Kone Di
Ho Kone Kone Di

Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di

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