Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Vegetable Manchurian Recipe

Vegetable Manchurian is a delicious Indian Chinese Recipe made from cabbage, carrot and many other ingredients.
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Some carrots
Some capsicum
Some beans
Some cabbage
2 tbsp maida
1 tbsp cornflour
1 tbsp garlic
Few coriander leaves
1 tbsp red chilli sauce
1 green chilli
Salt as per taste
For the gravy:
2 tbsp cornflour
Some carrots
Some capsicum
Some beans
Some cabbage
2 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp red chilli sauce
1 onion
2 tbsp garlic
1 green chilli
1/2 tsp vinegar
4 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

“For the manchurian kofta:
Mix maida, cornflour, chopped vegetables, green chillies, red chilli sauce, salt, garlic and coriander leaves.
Mix well and make balls out of the mixture.
Heat the oil, add garlic, green chilli, onion.
Mix cornflour, water, soya sauce for the gravy.
Add vegetables to the pan and fry.
Add the cornflour mixture to the pan and mix.
add chilli sauce, vinegar, salt, water, green chillies.
Boil the gravy.
Add the fried manchurian balls and mix well and cook for sometime.
Serve hot”


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