Wednesday, 13 March 2019

"Mathematical PI" (The PI song with lyrics!)

This is a music video of the song “Mathematical Pi” by Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan. You can find out more and download it here:

As stated in the video, I am in no way affiliated with these gentlemen and their great website:

EUHUEHUE 3/14/15 9:26:53

I would’ve made a sequel to this old music video but you know, time is short. I’ll probably have a sequel 3.14 years later.

I hate Google+ even moreso thanks to it being a requirement to comment on YouTube videos. So I’m using a channel named “RoboMWM” (commenting channel) to reply to comments. Check out the about on my channel if you’d like to verify this channel. (Update: Turns out Google has now made my account a “branding account” so… yea I guess that means I can comment with _this account_ I guess…)

The PC Tech Guy did not create the song you are about to hear. He also did not create the flash animation part of the video (those videos have tiny text at the bottom).

The PC Tech Guy did, however, compile the rest of the video (took about 3 days — around 5+ hours of editing). He also did cut out a line in the song to make the song suitable for all ages.

The flash animation for part of the music video was created by Stephen Toner:

The lyrics and song was created by Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan:

Wow u r still here m80, y dunt u go scrubscribe 2 mah other channel:


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