Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Theme Song Instrumental & Lyrics

Lip-Synch or Sing Contest Instructions
1. Use this instrumental version and lyrics to make your Response video. Make sure you post your response video under the Theme Song. Do not post it here.
2. Go to the Theme Song. Click on the box that says “Respond to this video” and follow the instructions.
3. Make a video of you and/or your friends Lip-Synching or Singing the song.
4. The words are also in the “Description” below the Theme Song. You can also turn on the closed-captioning to see the words while the song plays.
5. Be accurate, creative and fierce!
6. Promote yourself – tell your friends to Like your video.
7. The video with the most likes by Friday, Sept. 28 wins.
8. The winner will receive a Skype call from Jenifer Lewis and Shangela!


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