Monday, 4 March 2019

WEAK – Overwatch Lyric Video

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO NOR DO I OWN THE CHARACTERS. The song and characters belong to AJR and Blizzard respectively and I own neither. I do own the art, though.


All the ships man

I started this video in early February and it took me THIS LONG to GET THIS DONE AND OVER WITH
Not to say it wasn’t fun, heh.

But yep! I hope you enjoy this!
Song is pretty obvious – Weak by AJR. No characters here (except for icon) belongs to me, the song doesn’t belong to me.

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Edit – I’ve noticed things in the comments section. YES, I ship Pharmercy. YES, I might do Gency in the future, I’m a multi shipper so please don’t start wars in the comment section, especially if they become chaotic.
NO, I didn’t make this just because everyone is gay. I made it because these happen to be the most popular ships of the ones that I do, and I figured you guys would like it more/appeal to a bigger audience.
AND YES I KNOW TRACER AND EMILY ARE TOGETHER! For the sake of the lyrics, I made it Widowtracer. Lemily can, and will come out in the future!

Please don’t bash any of the fellow viewers or me for doing something I love, for watching something we want to watch.


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