Sunday, 12 May 2019

Jimmy Two-Shoes Theme Song Lyrics Season 1

Jimmy Two-Shoes is a Canadian two season series that pretty much no one but me likes. The Television show appeared on Teletoon during 2009-2012, Jimmy-Two-Shoes is about the evil dictator named Lucius Heinous VII bringing horrible mystery to the monster citizens of Myseryville, the unhappiest town around. A teenage planet traveler from Earth named Jimmy-Two-Shoes came to the planet of Myseryville and instantly made all the citizens of Myseryville happy and full of life. Jimmy then meets Beezy J. Heinous, son of Lucius Heinous and next in line for the throne. After Beezy becomes one of Jimmy’s best friends, Jimmy then befriends an ‘evil’ genius scientist named Heloise who works for Lucius’ company ;Misery Incorporated as a product producer in the lab. And as the only other human on Myseryville, she’s attracted to Jimmy. Jimmy also comes to the planet of Myseryville with an alien known as a dog named Cerbee. Jimmy decides to live in Myseryville forever. Both the protagonist and antagonist have a goal. The protagonist (Jimmy) wants to make every monster happy, and live there forever. Which is the antagonist’s (Lucius Heinous VII) nightmare.
His goal is to drive Jimmy out of Myseryville and create more misery. Or at least make Jimmy evil or miserable so he can spread misery. Jimmy starts his new life on episode 1, season 1, ‘I Totally Shredded my Cheese,’ and finished his goal by the last episode of season 2 ‘Slime, Slimy, and Slimiest.’ Jimmy will live life to the fullest.
😵 This song never gets old.
Jimmy-Two-Shoes is one of my top 10 favourite television shoes!
😂 -People hate this show because it’s Canadian.
Remember, TheLiving Bluejay’s lyrics are always right.


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